Our Multi-Sport & Cultural Games Program

How do I get the Pass Australia Primary School Cultural Games Program at my school?

If you would like to see our program come to your primary school please contact
Pass Austalia’s Head Office on 07 3870 4355 or email or alternatively you can contact the Regional Office Contacts directly.

About the Pass Australia Primary School Cultural Games Program

The ‘Pass Australia Primary School Cultural Games Program’© was developed in 2001 to improve the health and wellbeing of Australia Primary School children whilst teaching them elements of indigenous culture and games played in times past.

Pass Australia has a number of participating primary schools who have taken on this program at their school. The multi-sports and cultural games program is a program that is delivered in a non-competitive environment and delivered to small groups of primary school children to ensure that all students participate.

The program is delivered by our indigenous high school students who are employed as Community Recreation Coaches doing our School Based Traineeship under Pass Australia’s ‘Indigenous Youth Careers Pathway Program Model’.

The use of our Trainees as coaches has many benefits to both the primary school students and high school students.

The high school students are given the responsibility to plan and implement sports programs that are fun and beneficial to the health of the primary school students in a fun and constructive way. The High school students become role models for the younger primary school students and indigenous cultural knowledge is shared to younger generations.

The high school students are supervised by Pass Australia’s Senior Coaches who have qualifications to supervise and assess the students in the work place. The Senior Coaches are close in age to the Junior Coaches to show a pathway for the School Based Trainees and are easily able to relate to the issues being faced in the transition from school to the work place.

Our Program Coordinators (Managers) are responsible for the management of the Primary School Program and liaise with the Primary School key contacts to ensure a strong partnership is developed between Pass Australia and the participating school. Pass Australia is also available to deliver Indigenous Mini Clinics that involve Cultural Art, Story and Sport for NAIDOC and other specialist times.

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